Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Importance of Metaphysics !

Okay, so now, I am to write about the psychology.  The point of a system, ultimately to point to what constitutes a Human Beings reality, from various degrees of awakening.  Ultimately how the mind works.  Every belief one adopts through social condition or life experiences becomes a layer in the dynamic timeless, and static state of being.`that' is the present moment, where consciousness is focused.  You can observe a watch, or a digital clock, and see digits are rolling off, in the vacuum of passing moments being reconstituted, by progressive digits, a digital clock is in fact a subjective measurement based on objective findings, subjectively objectified in a clock (technological device) measuring something intangible yet real enough to be able to record.  

The Clock is a mirror of Human consciousness, and every Human being in effect is applying metaphysics in how they relate not only to their own physicality, but the entire physical, and objective world.  So in most people because of social conditioning, the metaphysics are a completely unconscious process, Mind and body are one, there is no bifurcation between their mind, and their physical body, the thoughts, the layers of natural dispositions, preconditioned, and conditioned biases, happen at a subconscious level, a higher education, learning a skill of any kind, or training in anyway; will simply, in those instances be a reconditioning of that same state of being, and it isn't necessary to be conscious of your own metaphysical state.  That being said, technologically, Humanity collectively has reached a point where very physical objects like smart phones, I phones, and notepads, along with personal computers are very objective external representations, both in how they operate, and are used, of just how Human beings natural metaphysical states actually exist, whether conscious (cognitive), or unconscious (precognative). 

It's almost an irony on some level.  Religious beliefs if a person has any are in fact a major part of a Human beings metaphysics, so if you're Christian for instance, the latest I-phone can hold a copy of every translation of the Holy Bible since printing began, and therein is the irony, how valid is the holy Bible, or any religious text for that matter?  

The other aspect of metaphysics from this  perspective, is that space-time, is not just relegated to the realm of theoretical physics, via Albert Einstein's Special & General Relativity , but in principle it is what we are as a species, an individuated and objectified unit of space-time itself.   So every Human being is a biological space-time event in themselves, though of course living in a very nurturing, relatively safe biological environment.   There are various stages of awakening, there is awakening into the DAO/TAO, which is an initial bifurcation, into the conscious realities of mind itself, this initial awakening is a very spiritual one, but it is also a dream like condition, in my instance it was brought about by a number of events,  and by watching a series of Krisnamurti Teachings.  I can only define them now as a psychological Hypnosis, and the social reinforcers to that state of awakening can be classified as Gnosis, gnosticism, mysticism, Buddhism, along with any, and all spiritual paths.  I was in that state of being for almost 5 years, until recently, after transcending from that state.  I've come to a certain understanding that is closer to how the mind, body, and soul operate.  I would definitely classify the spirit of a being the metaphysical body, and that is ultimately how we quantify time as consciousness in that timeless, static state of being, where our own concentration of consciousness itself is most focused as if in a vacuum of the present moment, where the past is an after thought, a projection, a memory, and the future is an obligation, anticipation, a prediction, an expectation, or projection, not yet come to pass.  All Human beings coordinate, and navigate existence in that static timeless state, a novelty for an individuated intelligence, or on the negative side a burdensome drag.

The purpose in developing,  a psychological system that addresses metaphysics, is because I strongly feel, a fully conscious society will be a highly productive and happier society.  I can acknowledge that I have been unconscious of the metaphysics for much of my own personal life. 
I am now 36 years old, but in order to shatter the gnosis, and hypnosis, of a wakeful dream, which was nothing more than and externalization of being, I had to travel far into my memory, where every social conditioning was set, and the final realization is that the relationship between myself, and the physical objective world was always a metaphysical one, simply stated here, I was not conscious of that fact, until now.  I am willing to collaborate with any like minded individuals, who also see that need in society to address metaphysics as universally a part of the Human condition.
Anyway I will continue to write on this blog, the outline of the system, and on You Tube continue to create videos to better illustrate this systems, and other philosophical, and ontological topics.  This video is the first of four parts, on Subjective Subjectivity.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here's a 5 in 1 Mark Up; Sell Cel Cell Sale Sail!™


I am finally moving forward in a center boundary orientation. The first original art I've put up for sale in sometime.  This is what this blog-post is all about, these are three one-of-a-kind figurines modeled in polymer clay from my favorite Donald. 
Below is a group photo of the three figurines, the buyers can choose, from three different one-of-a-kinds, and whichever one remains, I'll be keeping for myself. 
 Just Click the photo which is linked to the auction each one is $135.00 USD. 

Below is My Happy Mr.Jong prospective on the first order of Magic.  I must profess, to say I practice Magic, it is a talent I was born with.

Words are the first form of Magic, and this civilization is driven by various states of hypnosis.
Know where your boundaries are, if you are reading from a collective mind set, or by an individual, because some people will write things that don't apply to your natural state, and there is You, and There is Me.  In the Photo below is a quote obviously that is not True.  When I read a quote that is that generalized, and collectivizes towards a negative view, The chant I choose is I bind you from whence thou!  You are an individual, who can choose your own wording for these types of things, internal boundary reinforcement, is a good thing.  Ciao for Now, and Best Endeavors.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nothing Can Stop You! Bear Awareness Psychology !

This Banner is related to the discussion I share in the second video on in this post.

So this is the first post in this blog, this will continue as the main platform in which I write, and share other media.  Dicky B. Haven™ is the first Ontologist Bear.  The purpose of this blog is the contemplation of ontological subjects, everyone has questions to some degree or another about existence, and while not everyone contemplates this topic every day, all existential beliefs or discoveries are rooted in this prescience.   It is the foundation of many religions, and psychology.   Dicky B. Haven™ is also an artistic platform and my alter ego, this blog will also feature Art, in the form of polymer sculpture, and illustration in which Dicky is an observer or, active participant in the contemplation of existential subjects.  In this first blog  the following two videos are the introduction, and first video in a series on psychology, and personal view of the mind.  

This first video introduces the basis of a series of videos on Psychology, My view is based on a rigorous though experiment which I concluded with about two weeks ago. This series is based on using the computer as an analogy of how the mind works.  The computer itself is an extension of the mind and body to a large degree. The operating system is the equivalent to the nature of the mind, and the hardware is the equivalent of the Human Body.,  The mind does not exist without it's body, in the same way an operating system has no function outside of a computer.  And even while you are using a computer the processes of the operating system are hidden behind a veil, and are never seen nor do they have any physical form other than what is projected onto the screen. The mind contemplates objective (physical) realty subjectively (abstract/analytical) this process can be conscious or unconscious.  In this video series we will go into this subject matter together.

 This next video is the first video, it can be classified as a psychoanalytic view of Consciousness / Collective consciousness, both consciousness and collective consciousness(es) are drivers rooted in the individuality of the of Being, all consciousness is the relationship between an individual and the other who identify with a subjective/abstract condition or objective/physical other.  The next video in this series is based on subjective collective consciousnesses, I will use truth as an example, say for instance you value truth,  conscious or unconscious of the fact, you are sharing a none-entity collective consciousness with everyone else who values truth on the planet.   Truth is a universal subjective concept or virtue, and there are degrees of truth.  So then truth itself is further compartamentalized by degrees of truth for the purpose of selective awareness, all of this is programmed through conditioning based on identifying a relationship between yourself and truth, through experience, and knowledge.  Your degree of valuing or discounting truth which is a universal understanding that is generalized in collective consciousness, is your personal individuated sum, however your individuated sum is also a layer in a conscious or unconscious driver conditioned by your experience.  Consciousness is in effect the way in which the mind either consciously or unconsciously discriminates. Ultimately You are in control or not in control of this process. As we continue to go into the subject we can unlock the doors of our own minds, to see the programming for what it is, and even change it within ourselves. Consciousness and collective consciousness has no objective existence, except as an underlying driver in which the human mind is conditioned.  So in my analogy of mind & body functioning like a computer; collective consciousnesses are in effect the add-ons to the browser, and some are patches in the operating system. Unlike a computer, in a human being these consciousnesses can have emotional or psychological triggers, and these can be fine tuned or eliminated through reconditioning.

Concluding this transmission, Ciao for now.