Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Here's a 5 in 1 Mark Up; Sell Cel Cell Sale Sail!™


I am finally moving forward in a center boundary orientation. The first original art I've put up for sale in sometime.  This is what this blog-post is all about, these are three one-of-a-kind figurines modeled in polymer clay from my favorite Donald. 
Below is a group photo of the three figurines, the buyers can choose, from three different one-of-a-kinds, and whichever one remains, I'll be keeping for myself. 
 Just Click the photo which is linked to the auction each one is $135.00 USD. 

Below is My Happy Mr.Jong prospective on the first order of Magic.  I must profess, to say I practice Magic, it is a talent I was born with.

Words are the first form of Magic, and this civilization is driven by various states of hypnosis.
Know where your boundaries are, if you are reading from a collective mind set, or by an individual, because some people will write things that don't apply to your natural state, and there is You, and There is Me.  In the Photo below is a quote obviously that is not True.  When I read a quote that is that generalized, and collectivizes towards a negative view, The chant I choose is I bind you from whence thou!  You are an individual, who can choose your own wording for these types of things, internal boundary reinforcement, is a good thing.  Ciao for Now, and Best Endeavors.

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