Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Random Thoughts on Femenism Betrayal of Women!

Introspective lens, so in culture and social conditioning, there are so many people that retard the development of a refined personal taste.  My view on this is that it has to do with a prepackaged delivery of almost everything in our modern world.   In the modern world of 24/7 televised programming, People have often gravitated towards the doors strung with the over hyped, and over branded wreaths, these are almost always decided upon by marketing campaigns and the deep pockets of corporate funded advertisers.  Only the most shallow people buy what they are told is popular.  The Internet cracked the well paved, well lite walkways to those doors, and it has in some ways lead some people to be more introspective, with their personal taste on everything.  Introspection in turn has the power of revealing those aspects to our individual existence which has previously laid bear and unexamined.
  Decidedly everything falls on a scale, and personal taste is an individual's choice, which is a measure of the seen and unseen, going from the beautiful to the grotesque, and both are opposites on the same scale, and both have an objective, and subjective presence. It's that quality of introspection that is the key of individualism.

An example with apparel and fashion, in all time prior to the mid 19th Century people made they're own cloths, if you were in the upper middle class, and above you could go to a tailor, but ready to wear anything was something only the privileged classes of people could afford, for the great majority clothes were sewn in the house, and fabrics were found at all dime stores, the modern equivalent is the big box retailer.   People made their own clothes and the taste for style, cut, and fit of garments were very individualized because fabrics and trim came in great variety, embellishment were hand made including the laces according to taste, and everything was sewn by hand, even up to about 50 years after the advent of the sewing machine (sewing machines where the first middle class appliance), so across the board sewing was a household skill, and lace making was also a skills found widely among Women and Girls, Staying at home was more than a fulltime job, Mothers in the 18th & 19th Century not only made the clothes for their Children, but also cooked, and kept up with all household chores, while Men often labored in mines construction, mills of all sorts.  This was a time when attending Church was of great social value, Women traded skills, and regardless of economic status wore their best outfits on Sundays, in someways Church was the place where you made your fashion statements, and displayed your domestic skills, it was the place where trends were spawn or died.  In those days all Women wore long dresses, with modest bodices, and a women wearing pants was sacrilege, it simply wasn't done.  Women of all classes sewed and decorated their clothes, or had them custom tailored, the most ornate and decorated gowns where worn to Church on Sunday.  There was and still exist value of community in attending a Church.  The internet is creating the right kind of opportunities for Woman to return to some level of tradition and excel at what they're best at.

The greatest betrayal of Woman has come from Woman, feminism destroyed the traditional role of Motherhood, and it has only benefited the corporations which having a bigger pool of people in the work force, drew back on benefits and pay from the competition they gamed in herding Women into the work force. Here we are in 2016 where just about every household consist of two working parents. Hope might only come from a reverse in trend.  In a Family one parent should be the bread earner the other the head of household.  You've been gamed by your own, and betrayed, and that is what feminism paved the way to. 

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