Friday, March 18, 2016

Transposition of Biology from the Present Environment into the Next Part 2

In time each of Us contends with our biological bodies, which are not without their own needs and maintenances, biology here on Earth is structured to exist in time if this was eternity biology would change according to requirements of eternity.  Our DNA is our individuated and sovereign blue print which is in fact the engineered specifics of your individual self as it registers you in a biological structure specific to time the source of that DNA is Beyond our shared 3rd dimensional environment but delivered through a sixth dimensional magnetic field.  Information shared is an abridgement to previous writings.

The universe is a compound living organism some of its functions are mechanized. Life including organic forms have degrees of mechanization, though the human body is a machine the degree of consciousness individuated into our species has the greatest degree of freedom, and independence, with the potential to maintain that indefinitely.  However nature is what it is a compound living organism that is indestructible, We are mechanized at the organic level on this Earth, and that's the test of time. To be individuated eternally is a transposition from an organic living organism into a compound living organism. In both scenarios a human body is still part of the deal.  The compound Human Being has to be individuated into a star that becomes an anchor for that individual consciousness, it's the only way to survive the event horizon of a Black Hole when moving about space.
An organic Human Body is dependent on microbial life, the compound Human Body holds enough energy to sustain itself from the elements.  It's the black hole that gives us our life, it just depends how it's streaming into the environment. In this world right now, that unseen energy that exerts the gravitational force of the black hole that maintains the organism, is weaker than it should be, that's the reason  we are sustained largely by microbial structures coded via our DNA and mechanized to various functions of our bodily needs, it requires us to eat, and sleep. We are not conscious about how cells function except through medical textbooks which explain the process. From laboratory studies  the mechanism of cellular growth is understood. The momentum itself the cells need to constantly regenerate (mitosis), that is little understood, but that is how the black hole influences our bodies even the nucleus of a skin cell is like a miniature fractal galactic core, the DNA is the first thing that is released from the shedding cell which then triggers the 5 cycles it requires to replace itself.   When we reach symbiosis with the Galactic core on this Planet, that shedding process stops, and the DNA re-configures differently, because that's what is actually causing those cycles, within the cells.

In eternity a similar principal is used as what is observed in the cycle of an organic cell; to build structures using the magnetic field of a planet when mining compounds and elements from the solar system to build at the atomic and molecular level with the power of the Galactic core. Technologically what I refer to there is the 8th dimension verses the present sixth dimension created by the current magnetic field of the Planet Earth, however both are two different experiences for life.  The Human being individuated into a Star lives much like a Human Being on Earth, the consciousness itself adapts to living at that degree of complexity, in the same way your senses function without you being conscious of them all the time.  The complexity is added as a function of the organism, but not to the degree that it interferes with living. Obviously when you are in the environment of Star vs a Planet you'll notice those changes, but at that point you have DNA which adapts to the various interstellar environments.

 Here we are on Earth developing in conditioned states of being for obvious reasons, our bodies though temporary on this Planetary environment do provide our consciousnesses the biology required to move about the space and time of Earth with no other species above us in the pyramid of its biology.

We are left with Behavioral Epigenetics, which are of greatest importance in our trans-valuation as individuals from the Earth environment to that of a Universal and therefore Eternal environment.
There are two branches to this tree one aspect is social, the other ideal, and both contribute to where we place on the universal scale of morality, which in turn determine what soul group and what environments we as individuals have access to.

 A lead into the Social aspect of morality.
 Human freedom does not come from Government it comes from Nature. Government is a standard bearer of what those freedoms ideally are, but most of the time Government functions with obvious degrees of hypocrisy because it is not the guarantor of freedom.  Anyone who believes freedom comes from Government has mistaken propaganda for truth.

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